Jodi Hurwitz Portrait

Jodi Hurwitz

Owner, Teacher

Jodi's classes weave together creativity, humor, physicality and spirituality. With over a decade of leading yoga & meditation, events, workshops and teacher trainings, Jodi is known for her approachability and capacity to empower her students. Be prepared to sweat, play & have fun!

Q & A

who is your alter ego?

"Edna" Marie E. Mode, pint-sized fashionista super-heroine from "The Incredibles" crowned undisputed scene-stealer for her priceless rant on the idiocy of capes.

how has yoga made a difference in your life?

The breath the breath the breath! I learned how to simply witness my breathing and use my own breath as a tool to focus and relax my body/mind. Game/LIFE changer!

what do you love off the mat?

sampling my husband's culinary concoctions, competing in a fierce tennis match, learning how to paint